~Book Review~ “Bad For Her” by Christi Barth

  My Review: Rafe Maguire and his brothers are trying to make a new start.  After turning state’s evidence on the Chicago mob, Rafe and his brothers have been put into witness protection.  They have new names and identities and have been dropped into the small town of Bandon, Oregon with directions from the US... Continue Reading →


~Book Review~ “Sol” by Leslie McAdam

  My Review: Trent had been in love with Dani for years.  She was his best friend Degan’s older sister and the three of them were inseparable through some very tough times for Degan and Dani’s family.  When  Trent and Degan graduated, however, they decided to enlist in the Army together.  For the first time,... Continue Reading →

~Author Spotlight~ Lissa Dobbs

The Spotlight is on Lissa Dobbs today! Lissa has published numerous books, both fiction and crafting books for those who crochet. I’m really happy to be able to share a bit about Lissa and her writing with you today! What would you like your readers to know about you? I’m a folklore and mythology junkie... Continue Reading →

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