~Random Ramblings from a Book Lover~ Post Holiday Blues



It’s January 5th.  Most of the United States is currently in a deep freeze (My current temperature is 1 degree  with a wind  hill of -9 degrees . .  brrr!)  New Year’s was less than a week ago, but it seems much longer and I am finding myself in the post holiday funk that happens every year.





I am not looking forward to un-decorating and having to get back to work this week after having the week between Christmas and New Year’s off was truly harsh, especially since my kiddo had 2 delays and one cancelled day of school due to low temperatures. 





The worst for me, however, is my lack of reading time.  The week between Christmas and New Year’s, I was able to indulge in late nights and lazy mornings of snuggling in with a book since I was off for the week.  This week was back to the daily grind . . . and, work was busy!  That all equals out to a whole lot less time to indulge in a good book.



36681994So, while I was not able to get nearly enough reading time in this week to satisfy my soul, I did lose myself in an arc for an upcoming release from a new to me author.  I just finished My Kinda Mess by Lacey Black.  This was book four in the series (each book focuses on a different sister’s romance) but was easily read as a standalone.  That being said, I loved it so much, I can pretty much guarantee I will be backtracking for the rest of the books in this series. 

This book was an amazing boost to my mood and attitude!  It’s a fantastic love story in many ways.  Sister love.  Romantic love.  Family love.  This book displays it all from a new romance to a couple in their 80s that are still spicier than a lot of couples I know.  With a dirty talking grandma that definitely enjoys “the sex” there were a lot of laugh out loud moments.  It was also romantic and sweet, sexy and steamy and just a downright fun and enjoyable read!  Here is the Amazon link in case you are interested:  http://amzn.to/2CXK8af.



Because the freeze is still one, I suddenly find myself with free time tomorrow as well since my daughter’s weekend activities were cancelled.  I totally plan on losing myself in Small Town Siren by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak.  She is re-booting the entire series with added content and new covers and I coldn’t be more excited, because I missed this series the first time it was released.  I’m a huge Lexi fan, so my excitement levels for this series are kind of off the charts!  You can check it out here:  http://amzn.to/2CI9QSt.




I am really hoping that I am able to get my groove back next week after hopefully sweet talking my husband into helping with the un-decorating and sneaking in some uninterrupted reading time tomorrow!  Temperatures should also be back in the normal range next week as well, so still cold, but not frigid.  I’m also hoping that work slows down a bit so I can sneak a few chapters in here and there!


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How do you plan on getting your mojo back and tackling the rest of January?  Do you have a go-to book or author that always brightens your mood?  Leave a comment and tell me how you plan to tackle those post-holiday blues!



Happy Reading!









10 thoughts on “~Random Ramblings from a Book Lover~ Post Holiday Blues

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  1. We still need to undecorate the outside of the house. It is so cold I can now see why some New Englanders leave their decorations up until March. Lol! I am going to make an effort to dig out our blow up snowman and Santa tomorrow. Wish me luck!
    I get the holiday let down every year, so I totally get it. This year it hasn’t hit yet. Maybe it will skip me this year. I am sure you will find your mojo soon. Have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Nicole! This month has been crazy with the winter weather with school and activity closings and delays . . .I can honestly say I am missing a normal schedule and structure! Sneaking reading time in has not been as easy as I had hoped, so I am looking forward to a hopefully much calmer February!


    1. It’s our weather . . . it’s been crazy! And, my kiddo has had so many delays for snow / ice / cold I think we have had one normal week of school since the holiday LOL. Bring on Spring!

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy Reading!


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